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Years before 2019 not opening

Level 2

My previous years won't open.  Anyone else having that problem?

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Level 3

Have been trying all programs, 17-19 in Lacerte and getting the same response.  Sometimes popped up Unable to verify online credentials.  But just now, some 90 minutes and 100+ attempts later I got back into the 19 and was able to efile.  A 500 or 505 "system" error, so think it was something on Lacerte's end and maybe they have it fixed now.

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@JLD88 Yes, same thing just happened to me too.  Tried to log back into PS 2019 several times to no avail.  

@IntuitAustin what's up with this?

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Level 11
Level 11

See if you can login "off line"  (disconnect computer from internet)

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@Terry53029  I was online and got knocked out of PS19.  Tried several times to log back into PS19 online to no avail.  Tried to log into PS18 online and that didn't work either.  So, I checked to see if I could log on to this web site and was successful.  I saw this thread and posted.  Tried to log into PS19 about 20 minutes later and was able to log in successfully.  I'm not sure what occurred, but I believe that everything was ok at my end.  I have never had this happen before.

Oh, by the way, I oddly received a notification that I am Level 5 about 10 minutes after I posted here last night.  I've no idea what the Levels are even all about.


Level 1

can't open a reinstalled Proseries 2018 on a new computer. I get an error message "can't validate your online credentials? What's up

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