Convenience now comes with peace of mind.

Offer Pay-by-Refund, with identity-theft protection now included, to help your clients rest easy.

Here's how Pay-by-Refund works.

Give your clients a simple way to pay for your tax preparation without worrying about upfront, out-of-pocket costs.

Select Your Bank

Intuit partners with three banks to process and distribute your clients’ refunds.

File Returns

File normally and complete the integrated Pay-by-Refund form that’s already in your software.


The IRS will deposit refunds into a temporary account setup by the bank partner you chose.


The bank handles distributing funds according to your Pay-by-Refund instructions.

Your clients who take advantage of Pay-by-Refund will be enrolled automatically in the identity-theft protection program. There's nothing extra for you to do. It's all included.

New options now available.

Pay-by-Refund is available through these participating banks to bring you more choice to fit your practice.

Not sure what bank is right for you?

Learn more about participating banks >


Works with:

ProSeries    ProConnect Tax Online    Lacerte


Works with:

ProSeries    ProConnect Tax Online    Lacerte


Works with:



Enrollment is now easier than ever.

Now you can get set up with Pay-by-Refund anytime, online or inside your software. See exactly how to enroll with simple, step-by-step guidelines tailored to you.


Read how to enroll

Help ease your clients' minds with identity-theft protection included with Pay-by-Refund.

Now your clients can have the convenience of Pay-by-Refund, coupled with strong identity-theft protection and restoration — all designed to bring more peace of mind. Once your clients opt for Pay-by-Refund, they'll automatically be enrolled for these comprehensive services by IDnotify, a part of Experian:

Identity restoration.

This includes full support in the event that a return is fraudulently filed in your client’s name.

Identity theft insurance.

Your clients are covered up to $1 million in insurance to replace stolen funds linked to unauthorized electronic transfers, lost wages and more.

Dedicated fraud resolution support.

Certified identity-risk management specialists are available to your clients by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, easily accessible with a toll-free number. Bilingual support is also available.

Make payment easy — for your clients and for you.

It's easy for your clients.


Worry-free payment

Your clients pay your tax prep fee directly from their refund. So they won't have to worry about coming back to pay you later.


No upfront cost​

Your clients can start their taxes right away without paying anything out-of-pocket. The $59.90 fee for Pay-by-Refund with identity-theft protection will be drawn from their refund, along with your tax preparation fees.


Flexible disbursement

Your clients can choose what's easiest for them: direct deposit, check or prepaid bank card.

It's easy for you.


Easy sign-up

You can enroll for Pay-by-Refund right from your software (ProSeries, Lacerte or ProConnect Tax Online).


Worry-free payment

Your tax prep fee is paid directly from your clients’ refunds and deposited into your account.


Quick setup

Once you’re enrolled, it takes just a few minutes to arrange payment via Pay-by-Refund for a client.


Live support

Customer support is available via phone if you need it.

You might be surprised by how many of your clients are interested.


More and more taxpayers are choosing refund transfers.1


People In Tough Times

No matter how much money they make, taxpayers can run into tough financial situations. They can lose a job, have a sick family member or get divorced. With Pay-by-Refund, they won’t have to worry about paying your fee up front.


Convenience Seekers

Some taxpayers just like to get things done and not worry about it later. They value the convenience of Pay-by-Refund.


Young People

Many are just getting started and tight on funds. Pay-by-Refund gives you a way to help them without worrying about their ability to pay up front.



Some taxpayers live check-to-check and have to save up to pay your fee. With Pay-by-Refund, they won’t have to wait to get their taxes done.



Some taxpayers have to borrow money to pay your fee, which can be expensive. Pay-by-Refund allows them to pay you without going into debt.


Credit Card Payers

Carrying credit card balances is expensive and can hurt credit ratings. Taxpayers who pay via Pay-by-Refund instead of credit cards can avoid running up their credit card balances.


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Get the resources you need to get started with ease.

Pay-by-Refund Marketing Kit.


Access ready-to-use materials to easily inform clients about your Pay-by-Refund offering — both in your office and on social media.


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Answers to common questions


Quickly find answers to frequently asked questions about Pay-by-Refund so you can get started with confidence.


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