Lacerte Packages


Customize your Lacerte plan to fit the exact needs of your practice.

A range of options are available, including packages for multiple licenses,
specific number of returns, tax planner and analyzer, and more.
Call 844-591-8069 to create your own customized solution.

"I love Lacerte because it helps me to be a better advisor,
a better accountant, a better friend to our clients."





Important offers, pricing details, & disclaimers
  1. A one-time license fee of $583, which includes service and delivery, will only be charged to customers opting to prepare returns on a pay-per-return basis. Customers with a customized solution can also prepare alternate returns on a pay-per-return basis without purchasing an incremental pay-per-return license. When you authorize payment for printing or converting a tax return on a pay-per-return basis, a software license/usage fee is charged to your account. You may then print or convert for electronic filing that particular return an unlimited number of times with no additional pay-per-return fee charge.

  2. Sale price is available to first time purchasers of the product only (sorry no renewals). The sale price is good for the first year only. In year two, regular renewal fee applies to continue use of the product. Prices are subject to change without notice.
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