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Accessing Important Data is Fast, Painless and Accurate

Line Sensitive Help

Trace the source of field data, or use it to understand what information you should include in a particular field. Learn more...

Using the Where Do I Enter Feature

Use ‘Where Do I Enter?’ in the Federal 1040, 1065, 1120 and 1120S products to find the appropriate form and field when you’re not sure where to enter certain data in a return. Learn more...

Constant On-Screen Help

The ProSeries program has many ways for you to get help and support while working in returns. Learn More...

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to move around quickly in the software. Learn more...

Download Next Year's Product

Use this year's ProSeries to automatically download next year's product.

Quick Entry Sheets  PROFESSIONAL ONLY 

Use Quick Entry Sheets to enter data faster with less scrolling on many forms such as Schedule D and K-1s. Easily toggle between Quick Entry mode and forms entry mode using Ctrl + M. Learn more...

Split Married Filing Joint Returns PROFESSIONAL ONLY

Use the Split Joint Return feature to split a Married Filing Joint Individual return into two separate Married Filing Separate returns for the taxpayer and spouse, without calculating by hand, preparing multiple returns, or changing the original return. Learn more...

Managing Clients has Never Been Easier

Managing E-File Status

View, track the status, and manage E-Filed returns. Learn more...

Client Status

Review and keep track of the progress and status of a client return. You can use this worksheet as a planning tool, as a status report, or as a checklist for events completed. Learn more...

Missing Client Data  PROFESSIONAL ONLY

Keep track of all of the missing client data in a return. Then, track the status, email the client a request, and quickly link back to the field location as you receive updates on the missing data. Learn more...


 Link is a portal that makes it easy for your clients to deliver their tax data to you in a timely, personalized, and organized way. Learn more...


Create a list of items needed for this year's return, based on last year's return.  Also, an encrypted version of the list can be emailed. Learn more...

Client Specific Billing Options   PROFESSIONAL ONLY

Set up client specific billing options using different billing methods (flat fees, hourly fees or charges per form).  Also includes a billing clock and editable invoice. Learn More...

Visually Appealing Client Presentation   PROFESSIONAL ONLY 

Provide your clients with visually appealing charts and graphs on bottom line, income and deductions, and comparisons with prior years. Learn more...

Client Advisor (71 Planning Suggestions) PROFESSIONAL ONLY 

Generate a list of up to 71 tax planning suggestions on how your clients can help reduce their future taxes. Learn more...


Estimate tax payments, witholdings, income expenses, etc, over a number of future years for 1040 returns. Learn more...

Utilities and Tools to Make Your Day More Productive

In-Product Chat 

Accessible from the ProSeries Toolbar and Help menu, allows for quick answers without having to leave the return or call in to Support so you can get help even while working with a client.

PDF Attachments to E-file 

Attach PDFs to Federal and State E-filed returns. Learn more...

Multi-Year E-file 

E-File returns for the current year as well as prior years (2-years back) for all Federal and state returns supported for electronic filing providing that the IRS and state tax agencies continue to accept electronic returns for those years.


Import information from the Schedule(s) K-1 in a ProSeries 1065, 1120S or 1041 client file to Schedule K-1 worksheet(s) in a client’s Form 1040 return. Learn more...

Email Password Protected PDFs from within ProSeries 

Email password-protected client returns directly from within ProSeries.
ProSeries Professional
ProSeries Basic


Set up your ProSeries software to automatically download updates to the software for any program and forms changes, as well as e-File acknowledgements and tax alerts. Learn more...



Quickly access and review summary information on the client return. Learn more...

Performance and Integration with Existing Applications

Fixed Asset Manager Import   PROFESSIONAL ONLY

Import assets into the different activities in ProSeries, such as Schedule C, Schedule E, etc. directly from ProSeries FAM. 

Import from QuickBooks, Quicken and TXF   PROFESSIONAL ONLY

Import financial data directly to ProSeries from key resources, including QuickBooks, Quicken and TXF (Tax Exchange Format). Learn more...

Financial Institution Download 

Download your client's 1099-B, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV data directly from participating financial institutions by way of a website that is easy for you and your clients to use and access.  This is fully integrated and included with ProSeries. Learn more...

 "ProSeries has been the best software I have used to date for preparation of 1040 and business tax returns. I love the ease of entering data, the import features, DMS and other tools available in ProSeries. Add the excellent tech support and training webinars and you have a winning combination for success at an affordable price. " - Becky Neilson, Neilson Bookkeeping1


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