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The top 3 favorite features

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On-screen help

Get help and support while you're working in a return.


Where do I enter?

Use this tool in federal 1040, 1065, 1120, and 1120S products to find the right form and field.


K-1 data import

Transfer data to individual returns automatically. This saves users more than 20 minutes per return,
on average.1

Accessing data

Line-sensitive help in Intuit ProSeries Tax
Trace the source of field data or use it to understand what information you should include in a particular field.



Downloading next year’s product
Use this year's ProSeries to automatically download next year's version.
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Constant on-screen help
Get support while you’re working in a return.
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Where Do I Enter?
Not sure where to enter certain data in a return? Use Where Do I Enter? in the federal 1040, 1065, 1120, and 1120S products to find the right form and field.
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K-1 data import
Automatically transfer data to individual returns. On average, ProSeries users save more than 20 minutes per return when using the K-1 data import feature.1
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Tax return input guidance (Basic only)
Guidance in three places:
1) Left-side navigation categories of input
2) Checklist to easily select types of input based on client's situation
3) Tabs for forms that require input/output


“Forms” bar (Professional only)
Use the Forms bar to guide your tax return input, locate errors, and fix them fast. This powerful feature can help you be more efficient in locating tax forms and entering data.


Quick entry sheets (Professional only)
Use quick entry sheets to enter data faster with less scrolling on many forms, such as Schedule D and Schedule K-1. Easily toggle between quick entry mode and form entry mode by typing Ctrl + M.


Splitting married filing jointly returns (Professional only)
Use the Split Joint Return feature to split a married filing jointly individual return into two married filing separately returns for the taxpayer and the spouse. You won’t have to calculate anything by hand, prepare multiple returns, or change the original return.
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Quickly undo data entry mistakes and more easily run scenarios for your clients with the Undo/Redo feature. Simply click to undo previously entered data, and then have the option to revert back again using the redo function.


Managing clients

E-file status
View, track the status, and manage e-filed returns.
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Client status
Review and keep track of the progress and status of a client return. You can use this worksheet as a planning tool, as a status report, or as a checklist for events completed.
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Missing client data (Professional only)
Keep track of all of the missing client data in a return. Then, track the status, email the client a request, and quickly link back to the field location as you receive updates on the missing data.
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Intuit Link
Use this portal to make document collection simple. You’ll make it easy for your clients to deliver their tax data in a way that’s timely, personalized, and organized.
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Client checklist (Professional only)
Create a list of items needed for this year's return, based on last year's return. Also, an encrypted version of the list can be emailed.
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Client-specific billing options (Professional only)
Set up client-specific billing options using different billing methods (flat fees, hourly fees, or charges per form). It also includes a billing clock and editable invoice.
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Client presentation (Professional only)
Provide visually appealing charts and graphs that show a client’s bottom line, income and deductions, and comparisons to prior years.
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Client advisor
Generate a list of up to 73 tax planning suggestions on how your clients can help reduce their future taxes.
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Tax planner
Estimate tax payments, withholdings, income, expenses, and more for 1040 returns in future years.
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Multiple client letters (Professional only)
Choose from 18 standard client letters, including a standard engagement letter, amendment letter, Spanish client letter, and privacy statement for 1040 clients. For business clients, access the standard client letter plus a standard engagement letter and a privacy statement.
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Utilities and tools

Hosting for ProSeries (Professional only)
Access your ProSeries software anywhere and on any device. Connecting your staff and data in the cloud allows you to stay in your workflow and collaborate in the same way you do every day, but now offers you the option to work from any remote device including a Mac or tablet.
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Manage client signatures digitally, on any form or document, and track their progress with real-time status updates right from your software dashboard. Powered by DocuSign, eSignature is integrated into the ProSeries Tax software—and the first 5 are free.
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PDF attachments for e-filed returns
Attach PDFs to federal and state e-filed returns.
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Multi-year e-filing
E-file returns for the current year and two years back, for all federal and state returns that are supported for electronic filing.

Note: E-filing for prior years is possible only if the IRS and state tax agencies continue to accept electronic returns for those years.


Password-protected PDFs by email (Professional only)
Email password-protected client returns directly from within ProSeries.
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Task scheduler (Professional only)
Set up your ProSeries software to automatically download updates to the software for any program and forms changes, as well as e-file acknowledgements and tax alerts.



Client snapshot (Professional only)
Quickly access and review summary information on the client return.


E-file locked returns
File confidently with the ability to lock returns so calculations don’t change. If you lock the return and ProSeries detects calculation updates, you’ll get a notification so you have the control to decide when to make any changes and when to e-file. The return will not be e-filed until you and your client are ready.


Integration with applications

Importing from Fixed Asset Manager (Professional only)
Import assets into various activities in ProSeries, such as Schedule C and Schedule E, directly from ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager.

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Importing from QuickBooks and TXF files
Import financial data directly to ProSeries from key resources, including QuickBooks and TXF (Tax Exchange Format) files.



Downloading data from financial institutions
Download your clients’ 1099-B, 1099-INT, and 1099-DIV data directly from participating financial institutions via a website that’s easy for you and your clients to use. It’s fully integrated and included with ProSeries.



Client integration with SmartVault (Professional only)
SmartVault integrates seamlessly with ProSeries to provide a secure and reliable document management system with an integrated client portal. Clients in ProSeries can be imported to SmartVault and returns printed from ProSeries directly to the correct folder in SmartVault, where they are immediately available to the client. (SmartVault sold separately)

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