Intuit Accountants just released the first-annual 2022 Taxpayer Insights & Intelligence Brief. 


I manage all of my signatures digitally right from my tax software so my clients can sign whenever and wherever they want.

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Fastest option

Nearly 70% of eSignatures are completed in less than 24 hours*

Quick, easy, convenient. eSignature is the modern, digital way to request signatures.

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eSignature provides speed and convenience

Go from  


    Print, pack, send docs by hand


    Difficult to track progress


    Slow, delays, takes up to 2 weeks

  • to  


    Send. Signed. Done.

  • Using eSignature is simple. Here’s how it works:

    • Send requests inside tax software

    • Dashboard tracks progress

    • Set up automatic reminders for clients

    • Client signs & sends, and you file taxes

    Why should you choose Intuit eSignature for your firm?


    With eSignature, you can request signatures with just a few clicks, keep track of requests every step of the way, and since it’s fully integrated within your tax workflow, you can do it all right from within your Intuit tax software. How cool is that?

    Manage signatures digitally on any form or document, and track client response with real-time status updates on the virtual signature dashboard in your tax software.

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    See demo videos and preview your clients' experience of eSignature for: