Get everything signed and tracked—all remotely, all in one place with eSignature.

Manage client signatures digitally, on any form or document, and track their progress with real-time status updates right from your software dashboard.

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Valid for customers who have not purchased eSignature in tax year 2018 or tax year 2019.

Here's how eSignature works

You set and send the request

Choose from existing forms, plus attach any document you want. Set reminders, then click to send it all to your client.

Your client gets a secure email

They click to view documents on any device, authenticate as needed, and sign with quick clicks.

You see status in real-time

Keep track of every request at-a-glance on one dashboard inside your tax software. Know right when clients sign.

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Discover key improvements to the eSignature experience

Collect eSignatures on any form or document

  • Any individual or business forms** (including IRS Forms 8878 and 8879)
  • Engagement letters and firm agreements
  • Request for transcript (Form 4506-T)
  • LLC formation documents
  • Confidentiality agreements (NDAs)
  • Power of attorney agreements
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Reference documentation
  • Estimates and invoices

Enhance security with identity authentication options

  • Knowledge-based authentication (KBA): Validate recipients with a set of questions using information like past addresses, vehicle ownership, and more. This IRS-compliant authentication is required for Forms 8878 and 8879.
  • Access code authentication: Assign and send a unique 6-9 digit code to a client to verify their identity.
  • Email authentication: With this built-in form of authentication, only those invited by you have access to the email account retrieving the request for signatures.

Track client progress with eight eSignature statuses

New client statuses will automatically update based on their progress so you can quickly move on or identify issues without leaving your tax dashboard. Statuses include:

  • Delivered
  • Signed
  • Partially signed
  • Multiple signatures
  • Declined
  • Authentication failed
  • Voided
  • Expired

Collect digital signatures in-person or remotely

Now, every client can sign digitally, whether it's from their device of choice or right from your office. Taking your whole firm paperless has never been easier.


Take a quick look at the new dashboard
Lacerte and ProSeries

Why switch to eSignature?

Streamline your workflow with full software integration


  • Pre-populate tax forms with client data.
  • Manage eSignature requests, delivery, and signature statuses while tracking your work on client returns.
  • Customize automatic reminders to notify your clients.
  • Automate audit trail reports for every eSignature request activity, including timestamps detailing when a request is sent, viewed, printed, signed, or failed identity authentication, along with a certification of completion of the executed document itself.
  • Archive an unalterable “authoritative copy” of important documents or purge documents by specifying an expiration date.


Simplify signature requests, collection, and payments***


Request digital signatures on multiple forms and documents from multiple parties in a single request folder. With Lacerte, you may also collect payment in the same request.

Offer clients the modern, easy way to sign


Offer one firm-wide paperless signature workflow that can work for virtually every client and every document type. You can personalize requests by type of delivery, either in-person or remote, and select the identification authentication appropriate for the request.

In-person eSignature workflow options are currently available for ProSeries and Lacerte.


Ensure client data is safe in the signing process with highly secure encryption technologies


Our IRS-compliant security partner, DocuSign, meets some of the most stringent U.S., EU, and global security standards. DocuSign uses the strongest data encryption technologies available, including SLL 256-bit encryption, and is ISO 27001 certified—the highest level of global information security assurance today. And, as a SOC1- and SOC2- certified organization, it complies with reporting requirements stipulated and audited yearly by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).


Save money by going green


Help your firm go paperless with electronic signatures while saving on the costs associated with printing, shredding, and mailing.

Choose among affordable pricing options to get the best fit for your practice.

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