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The top 3 favorite features

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Tax planner

Plan ahead with your customers by building tax scenarios for 1040 and Schedule C clients.

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Data collection

Request and share documents and easily apply them to the tax return — all in the same place.

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Client payments

Offer a convenient way for your clients to pay.

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Tax return preparation

Robust tax content

Breeze through returns with more than 20,000 automated calculations and 21,000 diagnostics to help maximize your accuracy. Plus, you’ll have quick access to more than 5,600 federal and state forms — everything you need for individual and business returns.



Tax planner

Plan ahead with your 1040 and Schedule C clients by building comparative tax scenarios.

  • Make multi-year comparisons (up to three years).
  • Build multiple case scenarios (up to three scenarios per year).
  • Calculate tax liability, including tax reform changes for tax year 2019.
  • Import diagnostics.




Efficient navigation

Work faster when you’re checking or modifying data.

  • Super Search — Search for any element in a tax return, such as name, amount or line number.
  • Split View — View data entry fields and tax return forms side by side or on separate monitors.
  • Jump to Input — Navigate from a tax form to the input screen with just a click.
  • Note Taking — Take notes anywhere in your workflow without having to leave a section.
  • Summary View — See a summary of a client’s data for this year and last year.



Batch processing

Cut down on manual work and save time. You can use pro forma batch processing when you carry tax return data over from the previous year to the current year.




Roles and Permissions

Gain more control over your firm’s information and access to client data at the user level. This feature gives you access control with extra detail.


Data collection

Data collection

Request and share documents and easily apply them to the tax return — all in the same place. Link is a secure online portal that makes client data collection faster and more organized. The dashboard makes it easy to keep track of what's been submitted and what's missing. Plus, now you can upload and download documents, organize documents in folders and preview the documents in your browser.




Data importing

Save time from the start by importing multiple documents, including W-2, K-1 forms and Schedule D data from Excel. You can import them via scan or mobile capture, or download them directly from the provider. Coming soon: 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1098, 1099-T, 1099-R and 1099-B.




Quickbooks Online integration

Streamline your client accounting and tax work by managing your accounting clients and your tax clients from the same dashboard. Plus, you’ll save time when you review your clients’ books at the end of the year, and you’ll eliminate manual tax data entry when you prep for taxes.





Document management capabilities

Upload documents, store them, view them as you do the return and download them if needed. You can also customize your requests for tax information, based on the previous year’s information. You’ll make sure your requests only ask for what’s relevant to each client’s situation.


Finishing and filing

Return sharing

Share completed returns with your clients digitally, with just a click. Your client will be notified that they’ve received a document where they can view the completed return.



Client payments

Simplify the way your clients pay. With Pay-by-Refund, you’ll discover more convenience for both you and your clients.




E-file dashboard

View the e-file statuses of all of your clients. You’ll have a dashboard that lets you see statuses, filter and sort, and check for rejections.





Offer more convenience and get forms signed fast. With eSignature, your clients can review and sign from anywhere, on any device. So you can get a Form 8879 signed in minutes, not days.