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Intuit ProConnect Tax: Powerful. Flexible. Customizable.

Maximize your productivity with the #1 online professional tax software that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime you choose. With seamless cloud-based integrations, streamline your workflow from data collection to final signatures.*

Intuit Tax Advisor*

Tax preparation and advisory tools come together at last. Easily build custom tax plans for your clients and show savings in minutes, with data automatically mined from your ProConnect software.

  • Personalized tax strategies are generated with less work for you
  • Show estimated tax savings by strategy
  • Client-friendly reports can be customized with your firm logo and colors

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Introducing Intuit Tax Advisor

Jump to input

Quickly go straight from a line on a tax form to the corresponding input field, with just a click. For fields with multiple inputs, view a summary of sources and values without leaving the form. 

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E-file dashboard

Get a detailed, color-coded status of each part of a return at both the federal and state levels, including extended and amended returns. You can also select the status in each column to get a further explanation of what was rejected, as well as transmission confirmation letters.

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Smart navigation

Move through tax returns quickly with smart suggestions that predict the form you’ll need next based on common workflow patterns.

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Firm-level Protection Plus*

Offer your clients an additional layer of protection in the event of audits, IRS notices, or ID theft for year-long peace of mind.

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Manual entry forms

Complete editable PDF forms in Individual, Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, and Fiduciary modules that aren't currently supported by ProConnect e-file.

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More workflow features to save you time

Custom statuses by return

Easily organize and sort your client list by custom statuses. Reinforce your own process with progressive status levels or use pre-set statuses.

Summary view

Review a summary of a client’s data for this year and last year.

Split view

Review your data entry fields and tax return forms side by side or on separate monitors.

Missing data flag

Flag fields with missing data to quickly identify gaps and reduce review time before filing.

Batch Pro forma

Carry tax return data over from the previous year to the current year for all clients at once (Pro forma).

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Super search

Search for any element in a tax return, such as name, amount, or tax form number.

Intuit Link portal

Manage client data in a free, secure, online portal that allows you and your clients to easily exchange information. ProConnect customers saved 37 minutes per return on average using Intuit Link.*

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Intuit Link Client Portal


Client review and file

  • Share completed returns with clients electronically with pre-set default print options for client, preparer, and filing copies.
  • Add watermarks to working versions of tax returns.
  • Mask sensitive client identification information like Social Security numbers (SSN).
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eSignature for ProConnect*

Get any form or document reviewed and signed securely from any device with IRS-compliant eSignature, powered by DocuSign.

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Simple and secure data sharing in Intuit Link

Give your clients the convenience and flexibility to:
  • Drag and drop multiple documents at once. Link will automatically identify the form types and check them off the document checklist from the prior year.
  • Connect to their financial institutions, without sharing confidential passwords.
  • Easily recover their password with a single-use passcode tied to their phone number.
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Custom engagement and tax organizer templates

Create custom tax organizer templates and document checklists based on the taxpayer's prior-year return either in PDF format or through the included secure, online Intuit Link client portal—link.

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More tools to make client communications a breeze

Professional invoicing

Generate PDF invoices to send clients.


Give your clients an easy way to pay your tax prep fees directly from their refund.

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Tax planner

Plan ahead with your 1040 and Schedule C clients by building comparative tax scenarios across multiple years.

  • Make multi-year comparisons (up to three years).
  • Build multiple case scenarios (up to three scenarios per year).
  • Calculate tax liability.
  • Import diagnostics.

Document imports

  • Drag and drop client tax documents from your computer into ProConnect to import data directly into your client’s return.
  • Use quick start templates for importing Excel or CSV file data for Schedule D and Depreciation.

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Automatic data import

Import data from client forms directly to the appropriate fields within the client's tax return, eliminating manual data entry for the most frequently used forms, including 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1098, 1098-T, 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1099-B, and 1099-G.

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Document organization

  • Organize and store documents by client to quickly reference, retrieve, or share with clients and others in your firm.
  • Whether uploaded by your or your clients, view all documents on a single screen, with the ability to organize folders, preview, download, and more.

Document Organization

Prep for taxes (formerly trial balance)

Reconcile QuickBooks clients' end-of-year accounts, eliminate data entry, and ensure seamless accuracy by mapping account data directly to the right fields in the tax return.

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Import K-1 to 1040

With a few quick clicks, you can automatically import a Schedule K-1 from a client’s business return to their 1040 return. No data entry required.

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More features and tools to save you time

Export Schedule K-1 packages for individual partners or shareholders

  • Create custom K-1 packages, including a letter for each shareholder in every state applicable.
  • Optional: Mask Social Security numbers (SSN), or add a “Do not file” watermark.
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Collaborate with business clients on Intuit Link*

  • Simplify the process of requesting documentation with a customized organizer and document checklist templates.
  • View client data, documents, and questionnaire responses, and send follow-up questions or comments to client responses while working in a tax return.
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Assign staff work

  • Assign staff members client returns, then re-assign the return as it changes hands within your firm until the return is complete.
  • Filter by assigned staff members in the Tax Hub to monitor return status and team workloads.
  • Help your staff stay focused with personalized views of their work.

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Multiple preparer awareness

Get a full view of users working on the same tax return to keep work moving without creating version conflicts or overwriting previous versions.

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Lock return

Auto-lock e-filed returns after e-filing to prevent manual entry errors and calculation updates that may alter the original e-filed amounts.

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More features and tools to save you time

Roles and permissions

Control who can access client data and e-file returns in your firm with master admin, full-access admin, and basic user permissions.

Note taking

Write notes anywhere in your workflow without having to leave a section.

Training portal

Get access to videos and content right at your fingertips. Plus, receive recommendations tailored to your needs for efficient, self-paced learning.

Training portal


Notifications inbox

Stay informed of important industry news and product updates pertinent to you, and sent directly to your notifications inbox within ProConnect.

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Intuit SmartLook™ support

Resolve questions faster when you connect with our customer success team by allowing them to see your screen in real-time. SmartLook™ gives you one-click access to video and screen sharing, so you can quickly get the answers you need.


More features and tools to save you time

Send a return to Intuit Support

Share a tax return with an Intuit Support agent, along with a message. All sensitive client data is removed from the return before it is received by Intuit Support.

Live chat

If you have immediate questions, live chat with a member of the Support team to get your questions answered.

Tax idea exchange

Share your ideas with us and get updates on their status—under review, accepted, or implemented.

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