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Client data collection just got easier 
with Intuit Link

Intuit Link helps you to simplify your client communications and get real time updates all from one location. Send requests and data back and forth between you and your clients and check the accountant and client dashboards to see what's been submitted and what's missing.



eSignature makes collecting
8879 signatures a breeze

Intuit's new eSignature offering helps you eliminate the wait and hassle involved in getting a signed form 8879 or 8878 from your clients in a way that's compliant with new IRS guidelines.


Reduce data entry & save time



Eliminate W-2 manual data entry

Now you can import your clients W-2 data in just a few clicks — it's as easy as 1-2-3. With information downloaded directly from the payroll provider, you'll also never have to worry about typos again.



Stress-free Schedule D Import for 1040 returns

Schedule D Excel Import effortlessly transfers stock transactions to accommodate your day-trader clients as well as your busy schedule.


Workflow tools to help you get the job done faster



Tax return dashboard
to manage your work in progress

Know the status of all your tax returns in seconds. Customizable views provide workflow status for all tax return types, giving you instant visibility to the status of your clients tax returns at a glance.




Diagnostics and suggestions
to help you catch every last detail

Comprehensive diagnostics identify mistakes, omissions and reduce e-File and IRS rejections. Proprietary suggestions provide value added tips to help you not miss any deductions for your clients. Over 21,000 diagnostics—the most robust in the industry.



View e-File status for all clients in a snap

Power up the e-File Dashboard and you'll be able to see e-File statuses, filter and sort, as well as check for rejections quickly.



Easy, professional looking invoices

Create professional looking invoices and send them electronically.

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