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The top 4 favorite features

See why people like you love these features the most.


Jump to input

Go straight from a line on a form to the corresponding input field on the Detail screen.


Cloud access

Get remote access online, built-in security, automatic updates, automatic backups, and more with the Hosting for Lacerte option.


K-1 transfer

Automatically import partnership, S-Corp, and fiduciary tax data into a return or transfer data between business returns.


Point-of-need guidance

Get answers to your questions when you need help, with proactive support content that lets you stay in your workflow.

Performance and integration

Hosting for Lacerte

Get the full functionality of Lacerte, but also gain the added benefits of the cloud. With our Hosting option, you have the flexibility to work remotely online. But more than that, you save time with automatic updates, and you save IT costs and hassles with automatic backups, reduced hardware maintenance issues and built-in security beyond your computer. Plus, you get smooth integrations on the cloud and the ability to collaborate with your team in real-time.

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Unique interface

Lacerte's unique interface speeds you through tax preparation, helping you complete more returns in a day.

  • All clients can be seen at once with customizable columns.
  • Flat worksheet-based design enables fast heads-down data input.
  • Direct access to forms, diagnostics, print functions, and more reduce unnecessary clicks.
  • Logically set up to match the common flow of a tax return, resulting in easy to learn and use.
  • Quickly review inputs using tab design.

Reliable multi-user performance

Your staff can work at the same time without slowing down your performance.

  • Networking capabilities help the software perform at a consistently high basis, whether you're running on a single PC or over a multi-user network.
  • Set preferences, including invoice scheduling, across your entire firm for uniform processing.
  • No time-consuming workarounds and billing errors for firms who use multiple preparer license files, as Lacerte recognizes unique firm IDs, and downloads and assigns the correct prep files automatically.

Exclusive QuickBooks Accountant integration

Lacerte SmartMap reduces time-consuming prep work and data entry by importing your QuickBooks Accountant trial balance data directly into Lacerte.

  • Automatically assign tax fields to your trial balance accounts.
  • Balances are imported into a safe place so corrections can be made prior to posting balances to the return.
  • Build your own custom database by automatically saving new assignments. Complete one client and almost all your other returns are done.
  • Drag and drop unmappable fields from QuickBooks directly onto the tax form, and the Export Billing Information to QuickBooks tool exports Lacerte billing amounts to QuickBooks. Learn more

On-screen guidance

Get direct answers to your questions right when you need help. Point-of-need guidance will give you proactive support content right within your workflow so you don't need to leave your software.

Tax Idea Exchange

We want to hear from you! Visit our Tax Idea Exchange to make suggestions about what you'd like to see included with Lacerte. We'll share the status of new, customer-inspired features, whether the idea is under review, accepted, or implemented into the Lacerte software.


Fast, reliable e-filing with Intuit Lacerte Tax

Take advantage of features that help you save significant time when you transmit returns.

  • Enjoy built-in, integrated e-filing for supported individual and business form sets.
  • File fast with a streamlined e-file wizard that makes it easy to transmit returns, especially when reviewing and fixing validation errors.
  • Verify transmission through your online Lacerte account.
  • Stay up-to-date with the IRS e-file mandate, with help from Lacerte.
  • Use batch filing to e-file extensions for multiple clients at once. Learn more

Expanded e-filing

Year-round e-filing for all open years is included with your 2021 Lacerte Fast Path services. There are no separate e-file fees. Plus, since having a comprehensive tax solution is extremely important to you, adding new tax forms and supporting more e-filing options will continue to be our top priority. Visit Lacerte support for more information on what forms are included in Lacerte and when they'll be available for e-filing.

eSignature Plus Payments (Sold separately)

Intuit has partnered with DocuSign to bring you eSignature Plus Payments. Secure your signatures for Forms 8879, engagement letters, 7216 Consent Forms, Forms 4506-T, and W-9s the IRS-approved way with eSignature integrated into the Lacerte tax software. It also features payment collection that allows you to request client payments at the same time. eSignature Plus Payments saves you time and speeds up your billing process—and your first 5 are free.

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Collect the information you need from each client faster, for less money, and with fewer hassles. Use this customized emailed tax analysis software instead of paper organizers.

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What you can do with the Lacerte e-organizer:

  • Make life simpler for your staff and your clients with simple-to-use electronic checklists and questionnaires.
  • Help save the time and expense of printing, assembling, and mailing paper organizers.
  • Maintain security with password-protected files for your clients' eyes only.
  • Decrease data-entry errors by transferring approved figures directly onto the correct tax forms and lines in Lacerte Tax with no typing.

Distribute hundreds of organizers instantly:

In Lacerte, an e-organizer wizard helps you send email letters, questionnaires, and forms to clients. Each package includes a unique link that downloads a personalized, password-protected, executable file right to your client's desktop. The e-organizer contains everything they need, including an introduction, instructions on how to use the organizer, FAQs, a place to write questions for you to answer, and the ability to download tax documents right into the organizer.

Getting started with the Lacerte e-organizer:

This automated program is simple to use. From within Lacerte, just access the e-organizer wizard, which steps you through the process of selecting a complete organizer or specific pages tailored to your clients' unique needs. As soon as your clients complete the forms, they just click a button to email the completed document back to you.

Combined e-file wizard

Save time with the ability to use a single e-file wizard for regular and other filing types, such as property tax and LLC. You will be able to use the same e-file wizard to select/deselect filings for federal, state and other filings, helping to reduce the time and hassle of having to file with two separate tools.

Multiple filings per client

Increase productivity with the ability to add multiple instances of filings (franchise, LLC, etc.) within the same client e-file, reducing time spent filing multiple e-file returns for the same client.

Simultaneous e-file for multiple users

Filing instances are supported in a single client e-file. Multi-user and high-volume offices can now e-file at the same time with no disruption to workflow.

Accessing data

Jump to input

Easily go from a line on a form to the corresponding input field in the Detail screen.

PDFs by email

Email your client a link to a password-protected PDF and send a copy of their tax return.
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PDF bookmarks

Bookmarks are navigational tools that allow you to quickly locate and link to points of interest within a PDF document. This feature is available whenever you print a PDF, regardless of where it is stored (e.g., DMS, SmartVault, your own hard drive, etc.).

Password protection for PDF files

Easily password-protect any client file when using Print to PDF and save it to your desktop or share it with a client, without leaving your workflow.
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Lacerte client portals

SmartVault integrates seamlessly with Lacerte to provide a secure and reliable document management system with an integrated client portal. Clients in Lacerte can be imported to SmartVault and returns can be printed from Lacerte directly to the correct folder in SmartVault, where they are immediately available to the client. (SmartVault sold separately)
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Client list column sorting

Sort data by simply clicking on any column header in the Client List. Similar to Excel, you get one-click convenience and maintain your preferred view.
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Sections and Topics tabs to easily navigate complex forms

Now you can find the right input quickly and accurately using the Sections and Topics tabs. Content categories are sorted into relevant, clickable groups so you can avoid the hassle of scrolling through long forms and reduce the risk of missing an input.
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Downloads and diagnostics

Financial institution download

Save time for both you and your clients by downloading 1099 and W-2 information directly from your client’s preferred financial institution or payroll provider into a tax return. Get access to more than 275 supported partners, free with your Lacerte software.
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Schedule D import wizard

Import stock asset transactions from an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) or comma-separated values (CSV) file into a Schedule D with Lacerte. The import wizard guides you through assigning the information from the XLS or CSV file to input fields and automatically creates the necessary Schedule D form.

Like-kind exchange wizard

Record 1031 exchange transactions in minutes, not hours. You’ll turn a complicated, time-consuming process into just a few quick, simple steps. Plus, the wizard can automatically create a new asset for the basis of the property received.
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Calculations and diagnostics

Prepare accurate returns fast with automated calculations, diagnostics, and more:

  • Use comprehensive form sets and deep, automated calculations to prepare even the toughest individual and business returns correctly, with confidence.
  • Have all the functionality you need—including consolidated corporation capabilities, oil and gas capabilities, robust multi-state processing, Schedule J calculations, partial dispositions, deep AMT calculations, special allocations for partnerships, depreciation calculations, and more.
  • Discover mistakes and omissions with more than 25,000 extensive diagnostics, including specific e-file error checking and tax reform diagnostics. This will result in fewer e-file and IRS rejections.
  • Get quick access from the error screen to the input field to correct any issues.

Utilities and tools

Missing client data utility

Identify input fields that are missing information and then quickly send an email to clients requesting the required information. Simply flag input fields in the detail screens while reviewing a return, and when you receive information from your client, jump directly to the input fields to complete the return. You can also use Link to send missing data requests to your clients.

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Trial balance utility

Save more time during the busiest part of the tax season by doing your most important trial balance work in Lacerte. Develop a chart of accounts, adjust journal entries, and manage tax line assignments. Trial balance work stays with that client and carries over from year to year.

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Oil and gas data, and partner data management

Import oil and gas data, and partner data from Excel and update it in Lacerte in minutes instead of weeks in most cases.

Learn more about oil and gas data importing

Learn more about partner data importing

Tax analysis and planning tools

Tax analysis and planning tools help you easily exceed client expectations with valuable tax consultation services.

  • Sold as part of a bundle, Lacerte offers integrated client service tools to help you be the hero to your clients and provide services beyond just the basics of a tax return.
  • Lacerte Tax Planner allows you to quickly provide customized strategies to help clients reduce their future tax liability.
  • Lacerte Tax Analyzer helps you advise your clients on how new tax laws will impact their financial health, plus it will red flag amounts on the tax return that are more likely to trigger an IRS audit.

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Fixed asset import tool

Import fixed assets from an Excel spreadsheet—great for new clients or existing clients with several asset purchases in a given year.

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Intuit Link

Link is a secure, online portal that makes it easy for your clients to deliver their tax data to you in a timely, personalized, and organized way.

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Split screen and dual monitor support

View tax return forms and data entry fields side-by-side, saving you time from going back and forth between the details and forms tabs. This functionality is great for reviewing tax returns and preparing "what if" scenarios. You can also choose to display across two separate monitors. This viewing option can be found in the View menu under Detail/Forms View.

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K-1 transfer

Automatically import partnership, S-Corp, and fiduciary tax data into a return or transfer data between business returns.

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Point-of-need guidance

Obtain predictive and proactive content to answer your questions when you need it, while staying in your workflow. Guidance is accessible in detail input screens, as well as in the diagnostics tab.

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Partner search acceleration

Use the improved search function to save time on complex partnership returns. Instantly find a partner so you can update their information or provide a K-1 package with ease.

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Financial Transaction Summary

Your time is too valuable to spend it shuffling through state and federal returns to find the timing and amounts of electronic estimated payments and refunds. In tax year 2021 Lacerte, a summary view gives you everything you need in a single, polished, client-facing, and printable worksheet. Look for this enhancement as part of the federal return as a new option called Electronic Financial Transactions.