ProConnect Tax Online FAQs

Which tax forms and states are covered?
For tax year 2019, ProConnect Tax Online covers 1040 for federal and all states, as well as 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120s, 990 and 709 for federal and all states.

For a full list, please go to:


Do I need an EFIN number to e-file returns in ProConnect Tax Online?
In order to e-file a return, you must have an EFIN number. Both e-file and paper filing are available.

EFIN Facts: Providing EFIN Verification to Intuit Before E-filing

You will be required to verify your EFIN with Intuit prior to filing.


Is my personal information and clients' data safe?
ProConnect Tax Online uses industry-accepted security techniques to transmit your private data over the Internet. Additionally, electronic filing services are provided through the same system used to submit millions of professional- and consumer-filed tax returns every year. If you would like to read more about Intuit's security practices, you can read more here.


What is Intuit's privacy policy?
Intuit does not share your username and password with anyone. Learn more about Intuit's privacy policy here.


Where will my data be stored with ProConnect Tax Online?
The data will be stored on Intuit servers, so you can access it at anytime from anywhere. It's stored on firewall-protected, redundant servers. We protect your information by encrypting it when it’s stored in our systems.


How do I get a copy of my clients’ returns to send to them?
You can save PDF copies of the tax return to your computer, which can also be mailed, printed or delivered to your clients online.


Can I convert data from previous professional tax software?
ProConnect Tax Online offers comprehensive data conversion services from most other competitive tax programs. Data conversion services are free.

To convert your data, launch the ProConnect Tax Online tax program and select "Convert Data" from the Tools menu accessed from the gear symbol at the top right.
Learn more about Data Conversion


How do I find support?
ProConnect Tax Online support can be found here.


Does using ProConnect Tax Online necessitate consent under Code Section 7216?
You may use Intuit's tax preparation products and services to assist you with the preparation and electronic filing of tax returns. "Tax return information" is information that taxpayers provide in order to prepare a tax return using an Intuit tax product. The use and disclosure of tax return information is governed by Section 7216 of the Internal Revenue Code and many state codes and regulations. Intuit discloses or uses tax return information only in accordance with applicable laws, to prepare, assist in preparing, or obtain or provide services in connection with preparing tax returns.

See our complete privacy policy for Intuit products.

The IRS reference addressing Section 7216 is also available on the IRS website.