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I just had a call back from a supervisor at Proseris, she said they do not offer credit or refund for bad software that is crashing. My question is , if they do not offer some kind of reimbursements for my time losses. They why do not they fix the problem

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I have just received a call back from a supervisor at proseries. She said, they do not offer any credit or refund for a crashed software for a lost time and money. My question is then why do not they fix the problem that is has been going on for almost two weeks? We need some one at the top level of the company to address this problem and communicate with us in a form of an official company release to address the issue and the solution.


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Everybody that has been affected by the crashing problem should start an e-mail campaign to the chief cheeses at Intuit.  Personally, I wouldn't ask for a refund, but I would expect a significant discount on next years product.  If they refuse to do that, I would take a hike and find another software company.  I tagged the moderators about the discount thing in a post the other day, but the sound of crickets was deafening.  This tax season has been bad enough for everybody but even worse for those folks that encountered the crashing problem.  I've been fortunate so far, but tax season isn't over yet 😰

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I agree with Jeff.  Just because one supervisor say "no" does not mean it can't be done.  The last time I checked, the contact information of the CEO and all of the Vice Presidents are available online, so you can keep pushing for some type of refund or future credit.