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ProSeries slow to load

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ProSeries takes forever to load.  Any hardware tips to improve performance?

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Proseries is a bit of a resource hog. A lot has to do with what ever else is/was open on your workstation. When things bog down for me I generally reboot and start from scratch. Other issues can involve your ISP.

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Thanks Champ!

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I'm sorry for the slow startup time you're experiencing.. I know that's frustrating. Most customers load in 25 seconds or less, which isn't exactly blazing, but we're working on it. I know though it takes much longer to load on some machines.

The #1 thing you can do to improve performance is uninstall form types you don't need.  Some customers install them all, just in case (1120, 1120S, 706, etc).  Each one of those adds to the startup time.

To help troubleshoot your situation..

How long is forever?  

Are you using Network, Standalone Professional, or Basic?

Are you using our Hosted ProSeries product, or is it on your own machine?

Is everything on your computer slow, or just ProSeries?

Do you have any backup, disk encryption or antivirus software that could be kicking in?

If you're ok doing so, also let me know what your device id is (Help->About ProSeries, Version Tab). I can use that to lookup the diagnostic data we collect. That might offer some clues.