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Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

Level 12

Client called today wondering what to do because they have not received the Sep15th payment.  July and August arrived as expected.  Told them give it a week because IRS Statements Sep 17 and Sep 24 indicate there were issues delivering Sep15 ACTC payments but those problems have been resolved.   https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-statement-advance-child-tax-credit-payments      OOPS  wait maybe not.  I discovered I received a $300 CTC direct deposit which would indicate I have a dependent under the age of 6   😂🤣😂🤣  Nope.  My youngest child is over 30yrs old.       Wonder who it was supposed to go to!




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Level 1

Interesting bug. Or maybe you don't know smth about yourself? haha

Level 15
Level 15

Cant wait to see how screwy these 6419 ACTC letter's they'll be sending out in January will be!


I just Lisa, she is very witty

Level 15

This past tax season was just a warmup for the fun we are going to have next tax season.  I think I am going to fire all of my clients that have kids --------------------- I don't think I can handle the stress 😱

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Level 12

Back in June I sent a worksheet for tracking the ACTC payments to all my clients with children.   Never thought I'd need to send to clients w/o children.     Yeah - I know - IRS will be sending 6149 letters.  Based on how many clients kept the EIP letters, I don't expect to see many 6149 letters.