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Having problems efiling Form 1040X

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It's my understanding that today is the day we can efile 1040X through Lacerte.  I had an amended return that I was sitting on, waiting for today.  I went into the client, and marked the return for e-filing (screen 1).  Then, I tried to efile it, using the "e-file Amended Return Wizard".  The program responded that the "Client is not setup for any amended returns that can be e-filed".  

Is there something else I need to toggle here?


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I don't know if today is the day or not since I use ProSeries, but I do know the day isn't over yet.  Intuit isn't in the farming business so their day doesn't necessarily start at the crack of dawn.

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Someone really wants to be the guinea pig if they volunteer at 6am West Coast time.  Are Lacerte developers still in Tucson?  They're on California time these days.  

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Has anyone seen an announcement that the IRS did, in fact, get this opened for Aug 17 as first planned? I would watch for their official announcement, first. Then, watch for your program to get a compliant update.

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Level 15

Ive seen preparers that use Drake say they got IRS acceptance of their 2019 1040X Efiled returns over a week ago...I figured they were the guinea pigs.

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The IRS *said* they would be ready today, Aug 17th.

I haven't received notification from Lacerte as to their specific time line.... 

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Thank you everyone, for your responses.  I will try to exercise some patience (sigh), and give it a few days to see if more information becomes available.

In the meantime, everyone stay safe and healthy.

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Lacerte's FAQ on the subject currently indicates an Aug. 19th availability.


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Thanks everyone for your comments and information.  As you said, be patient.  Lacerte is now accepting amended returns!

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