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E-file tax return has not been process with the IRS

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odd - Several E-filed returns has been accepted and refunded by the IRS. But I have two e-file return that has not been process with the IRS. When I check on IRS "Where is my refund" no information of the taxpayer return. 

I need help with this matter


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I think you just have to wait.

Especially if there was EIC on the return.

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Level 15

Were they accepted by IRS or does it still show Sent to IRS?


If accepted, Id guess they must have been pulled into some kind of review...could they be missing the 1095A/8962?

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Both taxpayer did not receive 1095A -- Do not have insurance with the Market 

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The tax returns were E-Filed on 2.17.21 and accepted. IRS indicate 


We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS

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As is being thoroughly covered, with IRS links and quotes, here:


Yes, the refunds are not expected until at least 21 days after filing. Yes, some of the Where's My Refund status updates don't show the true status.

"The tax returns were E-Filed on 2.17.21 and accepted"

And yes, you are too early to worry. Take a look at all the content in that other topic. It's too much to repeat here.

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The Check your refund status has a disclaimer about the information not being correct or up to date but not to worry, the refund is not being delayed. Seriously?

The one tool taxpayers use does not work. I have returns never received that I have acknowledgements for and a variety of other messages. It's worthless this year.

Returns with EIC and CTC are not being delayed, like usual.