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If I sell my tax practice, can I transfer my ProSeries license to the buyer?

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I am considering selling my practice and wondering if I can simply transfer my ProSeries license to the buyer? I know that the new buyer would need his own EFIN number. But if I could just transfer my license to him, would he be able to access all of my prior year client tax files?

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Level 15

I took over my employers client list when he retired several years ago, and he transferred his license over to me.   I just got my own EFIN.

A new customer would probably get a better deal on the software though, so it may be more advantageous for the buyer to get their own Intuit License.  They can still transfer your clients into their own software.

Level 11

You just have to use Pro Series to access the files that the seller gives you. Intuit doesn't have them. 

I did it 6 years ago. The seller gave me a memory stick.

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Keep in mind that if you are giving the private information of your clients to somebody else (the buyer) that you probably need a signed disclosure from the client authorizing you to do so.

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When I bought it 6 years ago, he sent the disclosure letter with his announcement. We also included the mention of two additional years of returns back too, just in case somebody needed an amendment.

** I'm still a champion... of the world! Even without The Lounge.
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I'm curious if the pandemic has been a major factor in your decision to sell.     I'm a germaphobe struggling with thoughts of next tax seasons parade of clients.   Selling/downsizing has been on my mind.   Do you care to share?