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I saw the post for tax protection plus.........................

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I'm so happy to see that Intuit is willing to charge us another lovely fee if we are so inclined.  However, I think I will pass for now, but I might be interested in the Intuit Screwup Protection Plan if they ever offer that.  Just a little something to help everyone sleep at night, not having to worry about potential client issues from an Intuit programming error.

This week's special - free roadrunner dinner with every return (legal disclaimer - you catch it and we'll cook it)
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I would LOVE the Intuit Screwup Protection Plan!  But due to the high volume of claims, your wait time on the telephone could be several months.


On that post this sentence caught my attention:

Firm-level protection: Once enrolled this will activate Audit Assitance for use with eligible 1040 returns automatically for only $10 each


When you click the link and read the fine print (which they try to hide as best as they can), the list of things it does not cover is really long (including anything related to a K-1).  In other words, if it is difficult or complicated, they don't cover it.

And the repeated verbiage of "assistance" and similar phrases makes it seems like they don't really do much.  It sounds like they may talk you through it and answer questions, but the bulk of the 'work' is still on the taxpayer.

Level 15

I've had a couple of new clients in the past that had experience with Turrdoh Tax audit protection, for which they paid. They said it was useless.

Level 15

It’s about as good of a deal as paying $50 for an extended service agreement on a $15 toaster.

This week's special - free roadrunner dinner with every return (legal disclaimer - you catch it and we'll cook it)
Level 13

Hmmmm.  I'm looking through the software suggestion list, and I don't see a suggestion for this client-rip-off program anywhere.  I wonder where they got the 50 votes.   😁