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APTC still not calculating for self employment health insurance as of 4/20/21

Level 3

Anyone else getting an error message? I can't efile a return with excess APTC and self employment insurance deduction.

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Level 15

anyone with a 1095A and SEHI is getting that message, you'll need to wait for an update.   No official ETA on that, I did see someone post that they called support and they were told it would be updated by the 30th, but who knows..

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@Just-Lisa-Now-     Do you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?

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Well since it is May 1, your who knows wins.  😊

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I'm thinking at this point, just undo the link to schedule C off the bottom of the 1095A and manually enter actual insurance premiums paid directly on schedule C. This is beyond ridiculous to wait for this fix. 

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I don't have any self-employed clients with ACA insurance, so I wonder what caused this problem. 

Did the Intuit programmers decide, "People are too stupid to carry over the excess credit to the SEHI deduction, so we'll have to do it for them automatically?"

Why didn't they do that with Medicare premiums?

Does the amount of the excess premium credit depend on AGI, so it's a loop like figuring IRA deduction with taxable Social Security?  

I'm just waiting to see how this prices out for next year's package.  Having sold us something we might not want -- an automatic link from excess premium credit to SEHI -- now they have to sell us a fix that turns it off if the same forgiveness is enacted retroactively for 2021.