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Texas Franchise

Level 1

In the Lacerte programs for the Texas Franchise Reports prepared in the Individual module only when you have more than one LLC Lacerte forms do not complete the Form 05-102 on but one at a time.  When you prepare the reports and put all the information in then say print an Account's Copy of the complete return with all forms and worksheets the PIR for the Texas report is complete for one but the other ones do not have any member information on the form.  You have to manually go in and change from one LLC to the other and it will pull the information but if you go back to the one that you just printed and was correct it is now missing from that form.  Any suggestions to fix?  Also, I set my screen up to show me the efiling status for each Federal, State, Federal extension, TX extension.  With the changes in 2019 I can put a column for any state extension except Texas.  Why is that or am I missing something?

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