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2020 Organizers

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Has anyone been able to print tax organizers from the 2019 program?

I'm getting an error that states "there is no data to print"


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That was a known issue. There was an update yesterday, have you done that update? 

It really is too early to be seriously doing organizers. Who knows there might even be tax law changes before year end. I would wait as long as possible before doing actually paper organizers. I print a few samples to pdf to test out the "tool". 

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Thank you George.

Yes - all up-to-date.

Yes, I  print all my organizers after Christmas, but I try and get my letters and questionnaire updated first.  I do a test run of an organizer just to see if all looks good and ready to go.  We've been having so many issues w/ Lacerte these past few months, I thought it was our system. (our system would lock up and we'd loose the client information)  After 25 yrs of working w/ Lacerte and same old habit - I got worried it was our system, yet again.

Thank you for responding!

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Yes, many have been able to print.

But JUST as many have reported issues, including *exactly* like you are experiencing.  Read of few of them and you'll see that many folks have pointed out that the software is not yet ready for prime time and printing organizers this early, or proforma-ing this early, is a bad idea.  

(edit, like @George4Tacks said before I did 😂)

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Thank you!!

I normally just do a test run of the changes I did for the Organizer letter and Questionnaire and after 25 yrs of the same process each year, I was like "what the heck is going on?"

I'm certainly not ready to print - I generally hold off until after Christmas.

I'll keep up-to-date w/ the updates and hopefully they will work out the issues before the beginning of the year. 😂


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I'm getting this same error and was told by Lacerte rep that there is a problem when you choose to have a border on the client organizer letter.  I have done all updates and still getting the error message.  I'm waiting to see if they fix the problem before printing without the border.