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941 isn't accurately capturing tax liability reduction ~ Family First Coronavirus Response Act

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I need help getting my auto-generated 941 (QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll) to correctly reconcile the payments, taking into account a reduced payment from June based on a credit for sick time under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act.

I'm guessing that something isn't set up quite right in the tax liability -- I attempted to follow the instructions at this link to set up the accounts, but hit a couple of places where the instructions didn't match my screens / the experience in my version of QuickBooks, so I took my best guess. 

When I paid my liabilities, I followed the instruction here (https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-us/customize-reports/how-to-claim-my-tax-credits-unde...) which are essentially to do a manual liability credit.

But when I run the 941 report, it doesn't recognize the manual liability credit, instead it shows that I paid the full amount due, and that I am have overpaid my payroll taxes. I believe that I have paid the correct payroll taxes (in other words, I don't have any questions about the taxes I owe), but that for some reason, it's not being properly tracked. 

Can anybody help me figure out how to reconcile this so the 941 pulls the accurate data?

I use Quickbooks desktop Premier Contractor Edition 2018.

Thanks in advance!

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I think you may be in the wrong place...this forum is for tax professionals using Intuit's professional tax software, it appears you may be looking for support for Quickbooks

Please visit the QuickBooks Help site 

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