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Switch from ultratax to pro series? Or any other software

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Been using UT for 20 years and getting tired of paying close to $20k. I know lacerte is the program equivalent to UT. When I look at most of our returns 95% are not complicated. Several k1’s, maybe som rental properties etc. 

Should I look at Proseries, what more does lacerte do for an extra $10k. Also looking for ease of use for client portals etc. We are a firm of 5. I know many small firms use Drake and like it. I saw it once and it seemed like old DOS.

Any thoughts appreciate.

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This gives a brief idea of the types of differences in the animals offered in this zoo. https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/form-1040/help/comparing-lacerte-and-proseries-and-proconnec...

I have used Lacerte since inception. I have played with the other two. Lacerte was originally an input sheet based program.  One user actually did a cut and paste to create the k-1 sheet that Lacerte still uses. Integration with the states is virtually seamless. PTO is the "cheapy" cloud equivalent. Input is very similar to Lacerte, but much clunkier and not as many features. PS has two levels and is "worksheet" driven, more like the Professional TurboTax that it grew from. 

All I can say is that your time is very valuable. As you look at a change, how big a change is it. How long will it take to adapt to the new style of the software. You can use PTO FOR FREE with your current user name and password. You can do everything except e-file or print FOR FREE. Just click TRY IT FREE

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
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I'm a ProSeries user, and while I generally like how to input data into the software, I would never recommend an Intuit tax product.  The company itself does not care about its customers, and product quality seems to be dropping year after year.

I've also used Drake a bit and I've been testing it out this year and preparing 1040EZ and 1040A caliber tax returns on it.  It is definitely well priced and has some nice features, but it is also definitely clunky and less automated.  I suspect going from UltraTax to Drake would be a bad shock for you.

You mentioned you want ease of use for client portals.  I've never used the Intuit version, but from the complaints I've seen on this forum, I never will try it out.

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We have been using Proseries professional for 9 years. I find it very easy to use. We have about 2500 clients, the only draw back is we have a lot of NYC fireman, cops etc... and they are so slow getting the 1127 available to use. Besides that, I really like the program. Included in the 2500 we have about 200 corporates, 100 trusts/estates and various other partnership returns and 990's.