Level 15

This gives a brief idea of the types of differences in the animals offered in this zoo.

I have used Lacerte since inception. I have played with the other two. Lacerte was originally an input sheet based program.  One user actually did a cut and paste to create the k-1 sheet that Lacerte still uses. Integration with the states is virtually seamless. PTO is the "cheapy" cloud equivalent. Input is very similar to Lacerte, but much clunkier and not as many features. PS has two levels and is "worksheet" driven, more like the Professional TurboTax that it grew from. 

All I can say is that your time is very valuable. As you look at a change, how big a change is it. How long will it take to adapt to the new style of the software. You can use PTO FOR FREE with your current user name and password. You can do everything except e-file or print FOR FREE. Just click TRY IT FREE

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns