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Considering ProSeries or Drake software from Lacerte

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I am considering changing tax software from Lacerte.  I've used it for 20+ years, but I am a firm of one CPA with 2 support staff and Lacerte is just too expensive.  Constant price increases.  I've looked at Drake and Pro Series.  Any advice?  Thank you!

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It's too late to change now so contact a bunch of other software providers after tax season.  Most will give you a free demo copy of the software (or sometimes free full copy but without efile privileges) to evaluate.  See what meets your needs.  It's really going to depend on the types of forms you need most often for your clients.  If you do a lot of farm returns, for example, you might shy away from ProSeries who won't be ready to file them this year until 2/25 (even though they're due 3/1).

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Thank you for the info!!

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Drake is about to be (or has been) acquired by a Venture Capital firm, so I would consider there will be price increases and decline in customer service.

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Thank you for the info!

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If (when?) I change software, I would move away from anything/everything Intuit related. 

ProSeries is an Intuit product (yes, much cheaper than Lacerte) but Intuit's attention to programming, customer service, etc has declined so drastically over the last few years that it is difficult to recommend it.   

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Myself and others are changing after this season...Constant price increases and bad customer support..

I called 2 customer support people to ask why I am getting popups all the time they had No clue. 

My friend told me to shut off the popup settings in the settings problem solved..

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I have used ProSeries for 7-years, each time I call I get someone that is professional and knowledgeable plus the program is easy to move around in. I seriously do not think I will move to another program.

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Although there are some cool things in the Drake software, Lacerte is the way to go.  We did the same thing as you about 10 years ago...after struggling for 3 weeks, we called Lacerte and re-upped our contract and left Drake to die a slow death on our hard drive.  Yes, it's cheaper, and yes, you get what you pay for.

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Finally a question that's not - stimulus check related, or when will Form x be available.  I've been with ProSeries for close to a zillion year, plus or minus. I've taken the Drake in-person demo and also downloaded Lacerte. I've also tried ProConnect. Bottom line, they all suck in one way or another. What is good for this one is bad for the other. We've posted before that ProSeries is a good basic program but it's best feature is it's form driven rather than input sheet driven. It's worst feature is its customer support. A prior post is correct, after tax season you can get a free demo program. Try them out and see what works best for your firm. There's a reason Baskin Robins sells 31 flavors.