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Why not have a separate programmatic "glitches" category for immediate corrective action by Intuit?

Level 2

I suggest that if an Intuit software glitch issue is posted, that there be a separate link/category only for such issues. Since it takes 50 votes from the community to have Intuit review the posting, critical, annoying software/programmatic problems probably won't be corrected in a timely manner to benefit practitioners until it's too late to be of practical use.

A good example is when the program's final review detects a supposed "error" that's the result of a software glitch. That file can't be efiled due to that error. Then the whole utility of efiling is thwarted.

Postings to this link/category should receive the immediate attention of Intuit programmers without the requirement of 50 votes.

This immediate corrective programming action will also save subscribers wasting precious tax season time attempting to contact customer support for all concerned This in itself if all too often frustrating and unproductive, as evidenced by the many postings to that effect.

Then the update notices can go out on a timely manner.


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Level 9

wimada:  You must be confused.  This is the Pro Series forum.  They do not EVER let you know there is a problem.

Dusty Ernie

Thank you so much for the much needed comic relief.

ProSeries won't even acknowledge errors in the program, much less fix them.  They have known about kiddie tax issues for over a month.  They haven't addressed it.  They have known about the home mortgage interest calculation issue for over a month.  Not only haven't they addressed it they think there is no problem.  I could go on but May 17 is approaching and I'd still be typing.  Their customer service is a case study in what customer service should not be.  The only thing they are consistently good at is raising the cost of the program.

I would like an update or a page listing known glitches and an estimate on when they will be fixed.  Unfortunately, if ProSeries won't acknowledge the problem exists in the first place, there is no chance this will ever happen.


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Level 15

Where did you learn about a 50-vote count?

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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