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Why is the E File Acknowledgement process different this year.

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In all previous years when I retrieve efile acknowledgements the program would only print the ones that were acknowledged on that particular run. Now when I go to print the acknowledgements it prints them to a PDF file and it shows all of the returns that have been efiled and accepted from the beginning of the year. I JUST WANT TO SEE THE NEW ONES NOT THE ONES THAT WERE EFILED DAYS AGO AND ALREADY ACCEPTED. LIKE LAST YEAR!!!

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I'm having the same problem. I hope then fix it soon. I print the acknowledgement  and put a copy in my clients file. Because it prints everyone I've filed instead of the current ones I have to spend time going through every page to find the current ones. I hope they soon fix it.


Level 15

Did you happen to read the last couple of posts on that link?

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Hi - are you still experiencing the issue on the latest version of ProSeries?

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