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TXF (Tax Exchange Format)

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So, Tax Exchange Format (TXF) can be utilized within most Intuit Products including ProSeries that we utilize. This can be a HUGE time saver for input for various tax forms and lines beyond basic W2. This is a way to import any data to any form/line number from other sources (such as work papers, etc).

I have an old Tax Exchange Format doc from 2011 and would like help and obtaining a current document that can be utilized that shows mapping to all forms/line numbers.

Who can I contact/speak to about this? General Intuit/Proseries support has absolutely no knowledge and further doesn’t even know what I am talking about or requesting.

If anyone can provide direction or additional information it would be much appreciated.


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What version do you have? I don't see that this has been updated since V42. Are you asking about this (example):


And of course, you can start from csv, using tools such as:


Although this topic is dated, there is an Intuit VP responded here, and he makes one comment that the ProSeries implementation of txf isn't quite the same as for TurboTax:


However, it should be noted that txf is not Intuit's, but standard (open). Similar to ofx data being the financial institution standard.

I found this, too:


Scroll at least half way down on this one, to bypass the changelog:


And here's another sample file for reference:



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I have version 42 as well. V42 provides a lot more transaction level details beyond 8949 and brokerage transactions, but at the same time doesn't cover a lot of the common forms/lines instituted since 2011. 


It would be nice to have this information available to users or a much broader import functionality (akin to API for cloud-based software) to really modernize and streamline our processes and data entry activities.


Your response is much appreciated!

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"akin to API for cloud-based software"

Like this?


There is a script there.

On these forums, Intuit hosts a Lacerte SDK, but I've never seen anything for ProSeries.


"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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Oh, this topic discusses V43, but I don't know that Intuit has ever moved to using it:



I only knew what you were asked because I have been a gnucash user.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.