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Self Employed Health Deduction on Schedule 1

Level 3

I have a tax return rejected for Self Employed Health Insurance Deduction on Schedule 1.  The amount I put on the schedule is correct but my reject says updates to the worksheet are expected by 4/30.  I thought this issue was addressed. Anyway, I'm on my third phone call to Pro Series. The first phone call went to what sounded like someone helping their child with online school.  The second one got disconnected altogether.  This third one is speaking to me now and telling me that she was told in a meeting that Congress has repealed their decision to suspend the requirement to   to payback any excess PTC but IRS website says repayment of PTC is suspended for 2020.



Does anyone have answers?


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Level 15
Level 15
With Sch C and marketplace health insurance the program isnt working right....doesnt it tell you that the program needs an update?

Level 3

Yes but the person at the help desk for Pro Series was trying to tell me that Congress was now repealing the decision they just made last month to suspend the repayment of the PTC for 2020 so I wanted to make sure this is not the case. 

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Don't take tax advice from Lacerte support staff. They are supposed to help with the software and are not even supposed to give tax advice.

If this repeal were true, it would be in the news.

Level 3

Funny you should say that because when I was trying to get software support on another data entry issue, I was told they don’t give tax advice. I said I’m not looking for tax advice, I need to know if you’ve given me a place to enter what I need to enter 🤷🏼‍♀️

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I need to follow this discussion.  Please post additional info on this topic.

@IntuitAustin  do you have any insight into this?


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