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Return rejected for self employed health insurance?

Level 2

Anybody else get this reject?

Error Detail:
Your federal return was rejected due to an issue with Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction on Schedule 1: Additional Income and Adjustments to Income

Error Resolution:
Updates to the Self-Employed Health and Long-Term Care Insurance Deduction Worksheet are estimated to be completed by 4/30/21. Ensure only premiums made by the Taxpayer are accounted for on . Premium Tax Credits should not be included in deductible medical expenses on 1040 Schedule 1, Line 16.

I did not link the Form 1095-A to the Schedule C or F, so there shouldn't be anything flowing from the 1095-A to the worksheet.  Only entered what the client actually paid on the worksheet.

What stinks is ProSeries still lets the return pass final review and then this reject happens.

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Level 2

It just happened to me. Exact same thing. I can't find any information about this.

To me, it is embarrassing to have to go back to the client and say "oops--we can't file for two more weeks."  


Level 2

I agree, it is embarrassing.  I'm getting tired of being made to look incompetent because of the shortcomings of ProSeries software.

Level 1

Same thing happened to me today, amd I didn't understand what it meant.  It isn't explained anywhere.  For what I just read in the above answers it is a system error, that Proseries will fixed in April 30th and didn't tell us?  So I have to wait to re-send this income tax?

Level 5

I need to follow this discussion.  Please post additional info on this.

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