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Return changing after efiling

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I am in the process of amending a 2020 tax return filed on February 18, 2021.  The 1040 had charitable contributions of $430, $300 allowed.  On the state return the original return had $130 ($430-300) and 5% allowed as the deduction.  The return was efiled.  As I am amending it I see in my Pro Series that the original filed state return has been changed to $430 from the original amount of $130.  Why would Pro Series change a return that was filed and accepted as is by the IRS?  If Pro Series made a change in the calculation, or by some chance the state changed, why wouldn't the original return stay as filed?  This is not acceptable.  Has anyone else encountered this?  I am guessing it changed during an update.

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Did you "lock" the original return? https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/banking/help/new-for-tax-year-2017-proseries-return-locking/...

I do believe your guess is correct. There have been many updates since 2/18/21

Did you follow the instructions to amend a 1040? https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/amend-tax-return/help/how-do-i-amend-an-individual-return-us...


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"Has anyone else encountered this?"

Nope.  The only folks affected by that are all of the folks using ProSeries. 😬

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When PS updates and corrects a calculation within the program, it automatically revises affected returns; filed or not. If filed, they’ll create a 1040x template which you can use and file.

Locking the return may protect what you’ve filed but as soon as you unlock and calculate the new revision(s) will be applied. 


1. Always save a pdf copy of the return you filed. 
2. I find the locking mechanism cumbersome… at the end of tax season I change the properties of all my PS client files to read only. It effectively locks all the returns. If i have to amend, then I’ll change/ revise the properties for that client. 
3. Somewhere in the program, there’s a listing of returns that have been changed after filing… i think there’s also a notification when they do change a return but don’t remember where…


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