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Form 1040 SR not listed in Forms in Use and not available in Forms

Level 3

I have many seniors and am using form 1040 SR.  While doing the return Pro Series has decided to not make this form available to the tax preparer as it is not listed as form in use and unavailable in Forms.

The expert I talked to after 1 hour said this is the way it is and live with it.

Earlier in the year the Form was available to look at, and it appears now the programmers do not want the tax preparer to see what is going to be filed.  If you think you need to have ProSeries provide for you to have access to Form 1040 SR you should contact them.

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Level 15
Level 15

Do you have both these boxes checked appropriately for including the SR?  I have mine set to NOT use the SR, so youd want your boxes checked opposite of mine.  Then you just use the 1040/1040SR Worksheet to fill in, you can use Print Preview to see the SR form prior to printing it.




Level 12

You're sending digits to IRS, not a pdf.  When they look at a return filed electronically  they don't see either a 1040 or a 1040SR.  That is, if they see anything at all -- auditors usually ask me to give them a copy of the return.  

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Level 3

Yes Lisa I do have the box checked for Form 1040 SR at the start of the income information worksheet.

The program knows I am using Form 1040 SR but the program just does not make the form available.

Note my computer is not notifying me of any responses.

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