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Printing from ProSeries 2018

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Since I didn't purchase 2019 ProSeries and I was over my 50 tax returns in 2018 the program won't let me print "ONE" tax return that was just able to finish!  I have spoken too 5 different people who all in formed me that in order to print "ONE" tax return for 2018 I have to buy Fast Path.....I've been quoted two different prices which is ridiculous.  I offered to pay the $37.00 fee or even up to $50.00 to get this printed and no one will help me.  I have used ProSeries for 19 years and paid them over $24,000.00 for their program with all the fees tacked on for states, businesses and anything else they could throw my way.  I decided to go with a different program in 2019 and now I can't print "ONE" tax return! Does anyone know of a way I can print "ONE" tax return without buying another year program from ProSeries.  Shame on Intuit for this problem.  

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Maybe your new 2019 program company will give you a free copy of 2018 to use for this one return you have?

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I think most software will not even let you start a return without paying.  I know you can convert an unpaid-for ProSeries file into Drake (for example).  So I'd try Lisa's approach of converting 2018 to your new software.  It's renewal season, so tell them if they don't give you 2018 for free, you're going back to ProSeries for 2020. 🙂