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original numbers being changed by the IRS

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Am I the only one that has an issue with the way that ProSeries is handling the notification of IRS changing the numbers on an originally electronically filed 1040 return?

You do not know that the amounts were changed unless you open the client and check, for example;

I filed a return on 3/16 IRS accepted it on 3/17. Client called me on 4/3 to tell me he did not receive his refund. I checked the electronic history and every thing said it was accepted - nothing about an changes by the IRS.

So I opened the client file and up popped a message that the IRS made a change in the numbers and that I may have to file an amended return.

If ProSeries can find the method to put the message there, why can they not notify us at the home base, or with some kind of notification as they  give us when a rejection happens.


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That popup happens on every return that has RRC on it, its a program bug.


Im only guessing here, since you didnt provide a complete set of facts.....sounds like your client DID get the RRC advance issued to them but you indicated that they never received it so IRS corrected their refund.   You'll probably want to initiate a trace using Form 3911, if you google 'AARP missing EIP' it gives instructions to fill out the 3911 for a missing stimulus payment.


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IRS DID NOT change the returns within ProSeries. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE !!!!!!

If IRS is going to change a return the taxpayer will receive a notice.

When a return is efiled thru Intuit - the only thing coming back to you is a confirmation that your information was received by IRS. If you open a file after this efile acceptance and it is showing a change it is because Intuit changed something in the program NOT because IRS adjusted the return.

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Good morning @btks    There are a lot of good "conversations"  out there.  Happy reading.