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ND Military Retirement & Social Security Exclusion

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ND just passed a bill that no longer taxes military retirement. I do see on the ND Proseries return a line (14) where it is deducted, but i don't see how I can get my number in there without overriding it. The same thing applies to social security. (Line 15)I went to the 1099R thinking maybe there was a box I could check so it would know, but i don't see that either.

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I don't use PS but here's some food for thought.  Hopefully, someone familiar with PS and ND input would stop by to help.

There is little reason to believe that the deduction hasn't made it into PS since it was signed into law last April, so it's not so recent, and ND-1 is final and EF-ready, according to Intuit.

If there is no box to check or special input for 1099-R, it may mean that you need to go into the input for state modifications/adjustments for the trigger.  That's kinda how tax logic in these programs is built.

Just as an example, Lacerte/PTO has the trigger for SC's military retirement deduction embedded within the input for 1099-R.  But for ND, it's simply a plugin on the input screen for ND Modifications.

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I agree with you that I can go in and override it and get the correct answer because I know what the answer is supposed to be. But when I spend thousands of dollars on software, I really don't want to have to do that. I want it to calculate correctly. When we get in the heat of tax season, the chances of missing that happens and then you have to do an amendment. I want Proseries aware that this isn't working and for them to fix it 🙂

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