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Login Picture Puzzle Verification

Level 1

How do I stop having to click pictures, multiple times and received a verification code.  Each time I try to login to Proseries, this fiasco starts.  Tech support said it has nothing to do with Proseries.  They blame the internet service provider, Spectrum at the office and Verizon when I turned on the hotspot.  It only happens in Proseries and their logo is at the top of the window.

I claim 'BS' with Tech Support as this happens with no other program, on no other computer.  Once again Proseries tarnish any respect I have in their tech support.

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Level 15
Level 15

I havent had the Captcha popup at all in a looong time.

But last year when it started doing this to me, I just X'd out of that Captcha window, then tried to log in again and it didnt come back.

Heres what Intuit says:  https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/multi-factor-authentication/help/mfa-resolving-the-i-m-not-a...

Level 15