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How to compare efiled state return against return with unemployment adjustment

Level 2

It appears that Proseries automatically adjusted the federal return to credit $10,200 for unemployment compensation.  And it appears that the federal return figures flowed through to the state returns.  I want to reach out to clients to amend their state returns reflecting the adjustment.  How do I know which returns were adjusted after efiling?  The "Last Modified" column in HomeBase appears unaffected by the automatic adjustment.  The client analyzer query for "Clients with Unemployment Compensation" narrows my search better but I still have to go through an manually create the amended state return? 

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Level 11

Don't take this the wrong way but if you had a copy of those returns in a PDF file or a paper copy then you would not have to ask that question... Do a search on this forum and you will see others asked the same thing that you did... hope this helps...

Level 11
Level 11

You can run a query for clients with unemployment. Be aware not all states will need amending as some also did not tax unemployment