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How do I run the PPP Forgiveness report after Dec . 31st in Quickbooks?

Level 8
Has anyone been able to run the PPP Reports for the 2nd round of PPP in Quickbooks. Quickbooks will not let you enter a date Past Dec. 31 2020...
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You should ask in the QB forum; you posted in the PS Income Tax software forum.

Level 8

I know that. Intuit failed to respond correctly on that forum for well over 6 months now. Thought we may get a better answer over here from you smarter tax peeps.

Thanks though.

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Level 15

"from you smarter tax peeps."

Asking in the ProSeries forum would be asking for how to enter something for ProSeries.

Asking about using QuickBooks, in a ProSeries forum, is a bit of a stretch; you assume everyone here knows this other program and how to guide you?

"Intuit failed to respond correctly on that forum for well over 6 months now"

But that is a Peer Community of QB users. They should be helping each other, the same as this peer community of ProSeries users would be helping each other use ProSeries.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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You win the blue ribbon for your new Avatar of Chucky....

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Thanks 👍