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How can I print all client names and contact information? Can I use Homebase to do this? I have tried to print Homebase, with all of it's information, but cannot.

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Thank you.
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First you want to customize the Homebase Columns or it will spit out tons of junk you dont want and waste lots of paper.

From a regular Homebase View (not the EFCenter) Click Homebase > Column Headings and remove the things you dont need and add the things you want.

Then you highlight the clients in HB that you want to print, Id test it on just a few the first time just to make sure its printing how you expect (Homebase prints weird and can waste lots of appear if you have too many columns, so only highlight a few clients and do a test run first).... once the clients are highlighted , then hit CTRL + P and choose Print Homebase