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Frequently Asked Questions

Level 15

Is Intuit really making a bazillion "articles" with the key words "frequently asked questions" that just give a link to the REAL article? 

Are they just wanting to spam up things to get better Google Search Results?



If you haven't seen the bazillion of them, here are a few for reference:





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Level 15

Apparently. Wish they'd put their efforts toward functional software.

Level 11

@sjrcpa wrote:

Apparently. Wish they'd put their efforts toward functional software.

Maybe if the software functioned better the questions would not be asked so frequently . . .

Level 15

That is exactly how I feel.  Anytime there is a "Frequently Asked Question", their response should be to figure out how to improve the software so it is NOT a Frequently Asked Question anymore.  

Level 15

Susan, right now I'd settle for functional organizers 😂

(I wanna be a member of the pot stirring club too)
Level 15

Sorry Bill, but I don't think you are quite accurate.  I believe it is a billion and 3 articles.

And let me guess, if you do a search for any of those covered topics later, the search function won't provide any results. 😦

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Level 15

I have no idea who they hired for these topic updates. I see this one in the "Helpful Tax Resources and Articles:"

S-Corporation home office deductions

As a self-employed sole proprietor you can deduct certain home office expenses.


Ha ha ha 🙂


"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.