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fast path expired

Greta R
Level 1

I have just upgraded from ProSeries Basic to Professional.  Now I am trying to efile a return for 2019, it says my fast path license is expired.  Even though I am now using Professional.  I did go to tools....License information and it then wants me to go to my account with Intuit and renew Basic 2020.  BUT I purchased 2020 Professional!  I have been sitting on hold for about 35 minutes already.  I just need to efile the return.  What am I doing wrong?

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Level 15

You did what I would have done.  My only other step would have tried rebooting and then gone back to "tools" > "license product".  Good luck on the phone --------- that is pretty much a fate worse than death.

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Level 15

I've heard other comments about the licensing getting screwed up when you upgrade.  So I don't think you are doing anything wrong (well, besides using an Intuit product of course 😂 ).

Is suspect the only solution is to have customer support fix whatever they broke.

Level 15
Level 15

Seen lots of people that upgraded are having the same issue.  What a mess.

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