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E-Filing Form 1310

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Posted this question a few days ago, got no response...  Client died 2019, daughter filing 1040 with Form 1310 to claim refund of $4k plus and direct deposit it to her bank acct. The rules say she can do this if she submit the death certificate with the return. The question is, how do I upload the death certificate into pro series basic in order to e-file. Or should print and file everything by mail, which would take her forever to get her refund in today's environment. Long but I had to cover all the points.

Baldwin   (aka Han)  

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in all my similar situations over the years i filed

a paper return.it did take a longer time but it went thru ok

regards Larry

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From the Form 1310 instructions:

Do not attach the death certificate or other proof of death to
Form 1310. Instead, keep it for your records and provide it if

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Thanks for that. I think I'll try e-file w/o certificate and see if that works.

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"Posted this question a few days ago, got no response"

Click on your avatar to see your profile and your topic listings. I cannot find that there is a previous posting on this topic by you. There would be no reason to start a duplicate, of course. You may not get an answer right away, because the peer users that volunteer to help were busy over a holiday weekend, busy with their own work, or no one that sees a topic can answer it right away.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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