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E-file Rejection - Missing Phone Number (R0000-017-01 Code)

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We are trying to e-file some Form 990s for our clients, but we are getting a rejection saying that if we check yes for the box "May the IRS discuss this return with the preparer shown above?", then we need to enter the preparer's phone number. The problem is, the preparer's phone number is entered, and is visible on the form when we edit it, export it or print it. We went through all of the steps in the error resolution to make sure that all of the information was entered correctly (it was), but we continue to get the same rejection.

We have spent considerable time already on the phone with both ProSeries support and the IRS. With ProSeries, we ensured that Windows and ProSeries were fully updated. When we contacted the IRS, they were able to pull up the form that had been transmitted, and they said that the box for the phone number was blank. Again, in ProSeries, that box definitely has a phone number in it, which is visible when we edit the form, export the form, or print the form, but somehow, when it gets converted and transmitted to the IRS, the phone number disappears. This has happened on both of the separate 990s we have attempted to E-File.

Has anyone else had this problem, or something similar to it? We have several clients that will need to have their returns E-Filed, so we're trying to get this issue resolved. Both the reps with ProSeries that I talked to were helpful in trying to solve the issue, but ended up concluding that "We don't open or change the Forms when we transmit them, so it must be an IRS issue," and, of course, the IRS says "All we can work with is the form that gets transmitted to us, and that form doesn't have a phone number." 

I have a hard time believing that this issue isn't occurring somewhere in the ProSeries conversion/transmission process, but I've basically been told there's nothing they can do. Has anyone experienced any similar E-File issues, or have any ideas on what the issue might be?

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Sorry for the trouble.  Could you please send us the sanitized return to proseries_engineering@intuit.com? Please include the link to this thread, so I could look for your email.


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