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Downloaded the software and getting error message


Is there anyone that can help me?  I downloaded the Proseries 2019 software and I cannot get into it.  I keep getting a error message stating a firm administrator needs to grant me access.  This is kind of disappointing and frustrating I've waited over the phone on hold of 30 minutes to tell me I have to call back tomorrow.  Can anyone help?

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This is a network version, yes?

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It's basically my own computer/laptop

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Basic or Professional product?


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Maybe something in here will help...



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Ive seen others report the same thing even on a Stand Alone system, but I dont know the answer.

I think its something in your Intuit Account that isnt set right.  When I log in here   https://www.intuit.com/sign-in/   under Manage Users,  see this the screen below, but someone else with this same issue as you, said that there is nothing listed under Software Access, its just blank.  So I think that's where the issue lies, I just have no clue how to fix it



Thanks!  I've downloaded Microsoft Edge and still having the same issue.  Were customer service able to fix it?


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I had that happen a few years ago. My fix was to right click on the program file and select run as administrator. 

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I'm having similar issues.  Both Proseries and DMS.  I've been going to the programs and uninstalling the product, restarting my computer, then installing again.  that seems to fix it sometimes.

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Same problem ! I have tried everything restarting,  updating , clearing cache, right click on software and "use as administrator".... nothing worked. I don't know what should  do I am on hold for customer service for more than an hour and seems like no one will pick up. Horrible service !!!!!!

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