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Disability Income

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Hello, I have a client who has 3 years of Social Security Disability income that was all received in 2019. She also received healthcare market place and received a 1095-A. Because of the amount she received from SSDI for back pay she will owe back about $8k. However I read on healthcare.gov that SSDI income should not be used included in the calculation for figuring the penalty. I am not sure where in the software I can input this information for SSDI to not be included in the calculations.


I hope this makes sense.


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Your source that you linked has a "yes" in the column to include SSDI as income.

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Level 15

Anything on a 1099SSA gets included, you dont break anything out of it, look into the lump sum payment calculation on the SS worksheet though, might save them some money.....oh maybe that wont help with the APTC payback.

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oh maybe that won't help with the APTC payback.