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Claiming stimulus credit

Level 1
After filing a return claiming stimulus credits, I get a message that says amounts have changed since efiling the return showing the stimulus credit being adjusted off. Client insists he did not get a payment. Has happened each time I try and file a return with credits. Is my clients mistaken? Did his stimulus get hacked? Am I doing it wrong? Thanks for any replies.
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Level 15

Scroll down a few pages and you will see that the same question is being asked four or five times a day.  The answer is that it's a program glitch.  That might be, since it seems to be happening only with ProSeries.  I'm waiting for someone to report whether the actual refund received was the amount shown on the return, or the amount on the "correction."  

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Level 3

We get the same message as well.  Hope it's just a glitch and clients will get the correct amount.  If ever we hear from a lient, will post it.

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