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Are My Clients Dumber Than Yours

Level 9

Guy making $800k per year - has to mail in returns this year - do I mail the tax returns in the envelopes you gave me or should I make up my own envelopes?  

Another one - if I don't have the money to pay the taxes can I just write the IRS a note and tell them I'll be late?

Another one - I read that the wealthy can get out of paying taxes.  Does my income qualify?

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Level 15

Client called this morning about applying for unemployment -

"The form asks for my last day of work - should I use the date showing the last day I worked on my last pay stub?"


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Level 12

Iron Man maybe he was confused because he doesn't actually work , i.e. he just shows up there.... just my opinion...

Level 12

You made me smile on a Monday morning !!! Thank you.