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366 DAYS!

Level 8
2020 is a leap year, so there are 366 days in this year.
FYI; needed for correct return calculations..
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Level 15

So nobody gets to claim any kids this year since they stayed with each of their parents "half the year".

Ukraine - hang in there
Level 15

But, but.. it's the nights that matter. 😉

Intuit Alumni

Is there a specific form(s) you can point me at that is incorrect, as an example? Then I can route to the right tax team accordingly.  

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Level 8

On Forms where you must enter number of Days Nonresident Example (if all year) you must enter 366! If you do not remember that the amount should be 366 instead of the usual 365 the calculations will be incorrect. 

State of Wisconsin Partnership Returns on the Schedule 3K-1 Worksheet for Nonresident partners (all year). Must enter the 366!

This messed me up a few years ago... 

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Level 9

I'm going with the high tech post-it note with 366 written on it, it is the same one I used 4 years ago. It's almost like a problem is created!!!