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DMS no longer opens PDF files 2017 and older

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We are an OLD INTUIT user.

This is scary! About 15 years ago we were running out of floor space for file cabinets so, in an attempt to go "paperless" (at least partially)  we began using DMS to save T/Rs, and back-up material (about 1,000 docs/year).

NOW I can see the docs but can no longer open anything prior to 2018!!! (about the time I switched to WINDOWS_10)

Could ADOBE be the problem? I used various current versions of ADOBE up to 2019, then I switched from ADOBE ACROBAT 11 to ADOBE ACROBAT DC. Is DMS using a proprietary version of PDF?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried > Right click the file and select "Launch outside DMS" 

If you still have Acrobat 11, that is probably your safest approach.

DMS is a "funky" version of acrobat.

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Open outside of DMS fails with <= 2017.

If I can get to the DMS SOURCE file, the "open with" works (in some instances).

Adobe 11 is not Windows 10 compliant but should be OK for limited use. I don't think I can have two working Adobe programs but I plan to check with Adobe Monday. (I sometimes catch myself wishing I was back in Windows 7, or even XP, or even the original DOS version.)

Thank you for responding.