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Company Defaults

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Company Defaults


(This "feature" has been asked for many, many times over the years. I almost feel silly repeating it again here!)

We need to be able to set company defaults. For example, my company has the policy of never printing the client's email address and phone number on the tax return. I should be able to set those defaults so I don't have to change them on every single return that I prepare! Many of them are on the General -> Misc Info/Direct Deposit -> Miscellaneous Info tab. Intuit could start with some of those.

Others are spread around the program. For example, some folks might want Schedule A to print by default or they might want to omit the book depreciation schedules by default.

It seems like it would be pretty easy to add a new section to the program settings, either as a separate item or within the "Firm Information" page. Quickbooks calls it "Company Settings."

Release date is TBD. The team is identifying best options. Thank you for the idea and the votes! 

Status: Accepted
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I would also suggest defaults for including the effective tax rate and printing the company name in the letter salutation for business type returns by default. 

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I've been asking for the same global settings since I started with ITO/PTO in 2011.  I've also asked for editing of the client letter to add a company logo and a miscellaneous paragraph to provide more info and CYA messages to our clients.  This is a very high-priority request to me and is apparently intentionally left out as a feature difference from Lacerte, which has had that functionality since probably the 90's.  Adding custom messages to clients is a great way to avoid the potential "you didn't tell me" situations.  Emails can go to spam, calls and texts get ignored, but it's hard to say you didn't get a message when it's on the front page of your tax returns.  Ignoring these features for 10+ years HAS to be intentional.

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Totally agree. Highly needed. This was my first year with protax coming from lacerte. Basically global defaults do not exist in protax. A big miss, and makes me consider to go back to lacerte or find another cloud tax software provider.

Another big miss is not having a global database of previous entered data like we have in lacerte. I needed to retype over and over again the same data in different screens. In lacerte you enter it once and it pulls automatically in other screens. Not efficient at all in protax. Another consideration not to continue with protax.

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Agreed. It must be intentional to get people to switch to Lacerte but that's so cumbersome and/or pricey in a remote environment that it's not practical for a small practitioner if your staff aren't all sitting in the same office. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

Release date is TBD. The team is identifying best options. Thank you for the idea and the votes! 

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