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How to get Depreciation to flow to Form 8829

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I entered the home data for form 8829, appropriately tying it to the only Schedule C on the return, then entered the depreciation data under Deductions/Depreciation and selected form 8829 in the drop down. The depreciation data is not flowing to form 8829 Part III, Depreciation of your home. I see how to override the info, but I'd prefer the software to calculation depreciation and track accumulated. Nothing shows on these lines and I am sure I have not checked the simplified method, as it appears on schedule C properly, but it does not include any depreciation.

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In Lacerte (PTO's big sister...) you have to tie it to the OIH (code 10 in the drop down menu...).   You don't tie it to the actual Schedule C

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I believe I have done that, created the 8829 and tied to C, then created the depreciation entry and tied to 8829 OIH(that's appropriately tied to sched C_. I'm a former lacerte veteran, as well as CCH, they all treat this similarly, but for some reason, it's not workin'! Tech support leaves much to be desired... 😞

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