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Appears to be a foreign address?

Level 1

1120-S return - I am getting a critical diagnostic: The firm address appears to be a foreign address. Please enter the firm’s foreign country in the Electronic Filing Miscellaneous input screen to complete the foreign address for the electronic file.

I don't understand why this is appearing as I have no foreign address and the address format is proper and the same as previous years. I even see it appear on already filed and accepted returns for the same client from 2018, if I go back into it to look?

Bug or is it something I am missing?


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Level 1

Got on the phone with support and we tracked it down. My firm information address went missing for some reason overnight...? Re-entered and all fine again.

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If it's any consolation, it's not just you.  This has happened to a number of users for some unknown reason.

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