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Short period S Corp Return

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Has anyone filed a short period S corp return?  I have a client who might wind up business soon and we would need to file a return in 2 1/2 months after the business closes.  Since 2021 forms aren't out, can I do it in a 2020 form and would there be an issue e-filing another return in the same form year?

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Make a copy of the existing client file and then use the 2020 forms.  Manually cross off the 2020 dates and write in 2021.  But it will need to be paper filed.

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Level 9

Yes, you file using the 2020 forms. It'll have to be paper-filed.

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You *can* use the 2020 forms, but it is a royal pain in the a$$ if the return is even remotely complicated especially with even a few depreciable assets.

If possible, consider an extension in hopes of pushing it out until the initial release of the software this fall.

And nope, you can't efile the short year one. 

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